About water taxi

Using water taxi

Water taxi is a small cruiser/boat that lets you travel across the water and feel the Setouchi ocean. It can travel the area and time that the ferries can’t and you don’t need to worry about not being able to hop on since it is a reservation only.

Reserve water taxi from the Horai

You can reserve the water taxi until the night before your departure date. You will be sharing the ride with other tourists so you can enjoy having conversation with them. How about enjoying to the fullest of your short trip without worrying about timetables when you can make a reservation for the water taxi?

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Transporting methods in Setouchi

  • 1. Water Taxi

    Make a reservation beforehand so you wouldn’t need to travel worrying about timetables from pier to pier. Every water taxi has issued to the Ministry of land, Infrastructure, and Transport, and operating under a guide from the Transport Bureau with compliance.

  • 2. High-speed boat・Passenger ship

    They are small compared to ferries. Numbered tickets will be used when it is estimated to be full, such as art festivals and holidays.

  • 3. Ferries

    It is big enough to have a car inside and takes time than others, but it is cheaper. Numbered tickets will be used when it is estimated to be full, such as art festivals, weekends, and obon holidays. You can use unlimited hop-on ticket during 3 days art festival.



  • 小豆島
  • 高松
  • 豊島
  • 直島
  • 大島
  • 男木島
  • 女木島
  • 犬島


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フェリー・高速艇値段: {{options[selected].data.others_price | number}}円所要時間: {{ options[selected].data.others_minutes }}分







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  • 須田海上タクシー
  • (株)高松海上タクシー
  • サウザンドウェーブクラブ
  • 株式会社瀬戸内マリンスクエア
  • 志々島振興合同会社

Art-hopping using Horai

Horai is an app that supports your art traveling. Let’s end the era of planning your trip by using multiple websites, apps, or guidebooks. I’m still a newbie but, am continuing to expand by knowing every person’s feelings towards arts.