using Horai

1. Choose the art website you want to go see

You will never know which art you like until you take a look. First, see the photos and sense where you want to go.

Art-hopping using Horai

2. Add your travel date

Let Horai do the hard work of scheduling for you. Just enter you travel date.

3. Horai will recommend your own plan

Using Horai’s unique technology, it will easily plan your own art-hopping schedule. Enjoy your trip and not worrying about the boat.

4. Reservation・Payment & Confirmation email

After selecting reservation button, it will lead you to credit card payment. You can check your itinerary from the confirmation email or from the “Plans” page.

5. Hope on the boat on your scheduled time

The departure and arrival time may change up to 30 minutes earlier or later because we will adjust the schedule if there is any other reservation. We’ll inform you of the accurate time by email on the night before.

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Using water taxi

Water taxi is a small cruiser/boat that lets you travel across the water and feel the Setouchi ocean. It can travel the area and time that the ferries can’t and you don’t need to worry about not being able to hop on since it is a reservation only.